Spelling Words and Sentences

Spelling words for January 25-29, 2021 (Unit 4 Week 2)  

   The first test will be on Wednesday, and the final test will be on Friday!


clerk    herd    first    skirt    stir

churn    hurt    burst    work    worse

know    wrist    found    from    today   



The sentences will be on the first test to study for the final test.



active    Earth    explode    island

local    properties    solid    steep


High Frequency Words:

animal    away    building    found    from

Saturday    thought    today    toward    watch


Additional Vocabulary Words:

sphere    surface    suddenly    carved    glide



We will have our practice test on Wednesday of each week with the 15 words and 2 sentences.  If a student gets all of the regular words AND the sentences correct, then s/he will not have to take the final test on Friday. Later on in the school year, the sentences will not be given for practice. This will help determine if the students are merely memorizing the words, or if they're actually putting their phonics and spelling into practice.