Spelling Words and Sentences

Spelling Words for the week of October 25, 2021.

   The trial test will be on Wednesday, and the final test will be on Friday.


place    barge    trace    ice    bulge

badge    space    range    mice    cage

mule    huge    out    wash    saw 



The sentences will be on the first test to be studied for that will be on the final test.


High Frequency Words:

almost    buy    food    out    pull

saw    sky    straight    under    wash



buried    escape    habitat    journey

nature    peeks    restless    spies


Oral Vocabulary Words:

defend    encounter    located    positive    react


We will have our practice test on Wednesday of each week with the 15 words and 2 sentences.  If a student gets all of the regular words AND the sentences correct, then s/he will not have to take the final test on Friday. Later on in the school year, the sentences will not be given for practice. This will help determine if the students are merely memorizing the words, or if they're actually putting their phonics and spelling into practice.