Random Acts of Kindness

Pick up trash (with an adult)

Call a grandparent or an elderly person and visit with them on the phone.

Help your mom or dad without being asked.

Play a game or do a fun activity with a younger brother or sister (without fussing).

Teach your younger brother or sister to do something fun or tie their shoes.

With an adult, make cookies to take to a neighbor, friend, or a grandparent.

Make a happy sign to put in your window to make someone smile.


Our Local Military Servicemen an Women

Write a letter or make a card and send it to Easton Valette's big brother, Brennan, while he is deployed in Jordan. His address is:

SPC Jester Brennan

JTC (C CO 2-130)

APO, AE 09315


Gus Beadles is in the Marines and has recently hurt his knee. He can receive notes in a regular letter-sized envelope for now. He is on complete bedrest. If you'd like to send him a note, his address is:



36003 Midway Ave

San Diego, CA 92140


Rachel Perkins graduated last year with Gus. Here is her address:

PFC Perkins, Rachel

B CO 58th Trans BN

451 Colorado Ave

Unit 8 Class 43T (Wolfpack)

Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473