Announcements and Miscellaneous




We will read a new story each week, but will take 2 weeks on some of the stories. We will cover weekly skills according to our reading series. The students will bring their book home every Thursday or every other Thursday to read the story to you. Please listen to him/her read, sign the teal sheet, then send both back to school on Friday. The more we practice reading, the better we get. They will have heard and/or listened to the story at least 2 times before they read to you so hopefully they'll feel more confident as they read to you. This is what we called repeated readings.
We will have a comprehension test at the end of the week (or every 2 weeks) on the story that we have been working on. There are 2 short answer questions at the end and will be worth 3 or 4 points each; one for a capital letter, one for writing a complete sentence, one or two for answering the question(s), and one for the final punctuation. We always try to review for the test on the Thursday before.

We will have daily math homework unless it's a math test and sometimes on the weekends.
We will also be working on our math facts. Please help your child study the basic facts as the flash cards are brought home. We will be working on them at school as well. Thanks!

We will have a list of spelling words each week. There will be a practice test on Wednesday, and the final test on Friday (Thursday if we're out of school on Friday). If a student gets a 100% or better (this has to be on all words except for the challenge words), then s/he will not have to take the test on Friday. Starting on March 26, the students will be writing their test in cursive. On the practice test, the letters will not be counted off (if it's a technique mistake), but will be on the final test!

We have a weekly skill that will be taught during each reading story. At least 1 or 2 grades will be taken weekly.

We will be reviewing our printing the first half of the year, then will start cursive around Christmas time. Please encourage your student to take his/her time when writing. It's very difficult to give grades if I can't read their handwriting.
If a child does not complete their work during the day; s/he will be allowed to take the work home, but must bring it back the next day.

Letter grades will be given for the first four subjects. Satisfactory or unsatisfactory grades will be given for the other classes, as well as social studies, science, music, and P. E.



Box Tops and Labels for Education

AGS is collecting Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education. If you have any of these, please send them to school with your child!

Collecting Pop Tabs

The second grades will be collecting pop tabs that will benefit the Ronald McDonald House charities. The tabs are recycled in exchange for valuable funds that support families with an ill or injured child who stay at the house. Your involvement is crucial to help them continue to have a place to rest, relax, and recover together. The money raised each year is equivalent to over a month's worth of lodging for a family. This project is proof that collecting something little can really make a big different.

We will make the trip to McDonald's in Albion on Earth Day in April to donate our tabs. We believe our project will become a great success because of your participation. 

Thanks for your help!